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MetalHead Zombies
MetalHead Zombies
MetalHead ZombiesShoot the zombies and carefully watch the life meter at top of the screen, If you get hit 4 times in a row, you go down. If you get far enough you can buy perks which give you special abilities.
(Played: 2,647)
Monster Flood
Monster Flood You will be taken the main role in this game, as General Jack Hardman, one soldier against tones of zombies, but what is good here is one tone also, tons of amino and you will be in power to use an unlimited arsenal of powerful weapons. Instructions: arrow keys to move, spacebar to shoot, number keys to switch weapons.
(Played: 2,933)
Monster Mash 2
Monster Mash 2 Alot like the first one with updated graphics. A pretty fun game set in a cemetary. Similiar to the many other zombie games where enemies appear on the screen and you must shoot them. Not only featuring zombies, but also allows you to kill cats in devil costumes, and ghosts.
(Played: 2,419)
Monster Mowdown
Monster Mowdown Purchase weapons and defend your territory against yet other hoards of enemy zombies. Survive for 50 levels, earning cash to buy weapons and assistance. You can buy new weapons and assistance each round. Instructions: Use mouse to aim your weapon and left mouse button to shoot. Press R to reload and hit spacebar to drop a bomb. You can also heal yourself by pressing H, but will cost you $50.
(Played: 3,176)
More Zombies
More Zombies More Zombies
(Played: 3,780)
Mutant Madness
Mutant Madness take the role of an agent and get rid of all the mindless zombie like citizen in the burger shop. You have variety of cool weapons mixed with tonnes of upgrades and power.
(Played: 2,638)
Mutant Zombie Meltdown
Mutant Zombie Meltdown
Mutant Zombie Meltdown A shooting game by Phantom Compass. Defend humanity against endless hordes of radioactive mutant zombies using nothing but molotov cocktails and hand-eye coordination. Hold your ground. Guard the exit for as long as you can, raining firey destruction on incoming enemies. Use power-ups to score higher and shoot longer. But whatever you do, do not forget to reload. Do not ever forget to reload. Achievements Enabled: Yes Instructions: Click on or near incoming enemies to throw Molotov cocktails. Click the defender to reload. Shoot power-ups to gain advantages. Do not let the mutant zombies get too close,...
(Played: 2,165)
Mystical Battle
Mystical Battle Mystical Battle, great new strategy flash game about ultimate world domination will allow you to pick a species and send Special Forces to kill the opposite side. Play as humans, zombies, werewolves or vampires to control the land!
(Played: 3,065)
Night of Million Zombies
Night of Million Zombies Night of Million Zombies is a fast paced, top down, retro, arcade, zombie shooter. With 56 achievements, all extended with the Newgrounds medals! Get a highscore! Controls: WASD - move Mouse - aim and fire Space - shop 1 to 3 numeric - select weapon R - reload E - autofire
(Played: 3,031)
Pestilence Z
Pestilence Z Your mission in this cool turn based RPG style game is to fight against zombie army and try to save the earth from zombie infection. You can select from 3 different characters, each with its unique abilities. Start by searching for weapons in your apartment, equip your player with guns and take out the zombie infection. Use different weapons and all you can to keep yourself alive. Use YOUR MOUSE to click actions from menu on the right or learn hotkeys. In fight mode click on zombies at a range to bring up the ranged combat menu. When zombies are close to you, you can knock them back. Click on yourself to heal or charge f...
(Played: 2,714)
Pimp My Zombie
Pimp My Zombie Your mission in this zombie game is to dress up a monster. You should use one of of three different monsters to dress up. There is a variety of crazy faces, backgrounds, and items to personalize it just the way you want. Pimp My Zombie rules.
(Played: 3,058)
Pothead Zombies 2
Pothead Zombies 2 Pothead zombies 2 is a great sequel to pothead zombies. The hilarious plot of all the potheads turning into zombies is outrageous (and quite possibly true). Can you believe it? Defend against waves and waves of hungry zombies (because they have crazy munchies) for brains! Shoot them from a distance and earn cash to upgrade your base, protection, and weapons. How many waves can you last? To play pothead zombies 2 use your mouse to aim, leftclick to fire/shoot. See other in game instructions on more information about reloading, changing weapons and misc attacks and commands. Good luck!
(Played: 5,292)
Rabid You as a powerful mechanized robot ,attempting to stop the spread of an unknown virus that turns the planets populace into a zombie nation.
(Played: 2,955)
Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
Ragdoll Zombie Slayer You will melt your enemy zombies in the heat with your superpower shotgun and as a tip, shot the flying hearts to recover your health. Instructions: Use your mouse to aim and shoot, press spacebar to reload.
(Played: 3,285)
Resident Evil Project Nemisis
Resident Evil Project Nemisis Resident evil project Nemisis is a hilarious zombie killing game with extra voice for more scary thrilling gameplay.
(Played: 3,792)
Resident Pico
Resident Pico Zombies are on the loose and only a little hero by the name of Pico can put a stop to them, walk around and hold your mouse to shoot as soon as first zombie appears.
(Played: 3,304)
Rolling Fall
Rolling Fall
Rolling Fall Rolling Fall is another physics based zombie game dedicated to Halloween. Cut the chains at the right time, release the balls and knock the zombies off of the platforms. The faster you kill all the zombies the more points you will get. Instructions: Use your left mouse button on the chains for cutting, but be aware that timing is crucial in most levels.
(Played: 2,180)
SAS Zombie Assault 2
SAS Zombie Assault 2 - Play the SAS as wave after wave of zombies try to eat your flesh. Can you survive haha.. 666Gamer brings you the world's scariest games. Play it free, rate it, and send it to your friends - or enemies
(Played: 5,363)
SAS Zombie Assault 3
SAS Zombie Assault 3
SAS Zombie Assault 3 If you have ever played Call of Duty Black Ops in Zombie mode, you will totally love this game. The camera view is aerial looking down at the house you are defending. You can play this cooperatively or as a single player and save your progress. Your mission is to not die. Defeat all of the waves of zombies to get upgrades and new levels. How long can you survive?
(Played: 4,115)
Shattered Colony
Shattered Colony
Shattered Colony If hanging on by the nails is your thing, this zombie game is pretty much made for you. Scavenge for resources, and struggle for territorial control in this end of the world scenario.
(Played: 2,453)
Shotgun Zombie
Shotgun Zombie Lots of zombies to be killed in a fast paced manner with your best gun . Enjoy this highscore games in 3 available maps.
(Played: 4,656)
Sonny You have been put in shoes of a zombie Sonny, he collects bones by running around the town and escape from the darn dog catchers. Fight for your life in this crazy, twisted world. Help note: Remember, if sonny eats a jalapeno he can put the chomp on the dogcatchers by walking over them. Biting a dog catcher will send them packing back to the pound.
(Played: 2,753)
Sonny 2
Sonny 2 You as a strong warrior Zombie . Hunted, hated, fighting to survive in a world that did not make any sense. Your senses have been sharpened. You finally begin to understand how to defeat the evil lord baron once again.
(Played: 2,662)
Stick Trinity 2 Zombie Slayer
Stick Trinity 2 Zombie Slayer Kill more zombies using your awesome fighting stick skills with tremendous new weapons. Instruction: Press A key to attack, C key to switch character and S key for a special attack.
(Played: 3,043)
Tank Zombie Murder
Tank Zombie Murder
Tank Zombie Murder Zombies are trying to brake through the barricades and you must use the tank to stop them eating human brains. Good graphical zombie game to play free online. A brutal shooter with good graphics, special effects and hard-edged music.
(Played: 2,464)
Text 4 Dead
Text 4 Dead You have until the zombie reaches you to do something to get out of the predicament you are in, save your ass and do not shit your pants.
(Played: 3,910)
The Adventures of Zomboy
The Adventures of Zomboy
The Adventures of Zomboy You wake up scared, confused and smelling like a corpse. Try to find out who you are and what is going on in this point and click adventure brought to you by Arctic Arcade. -Contains over 200 lines of unique dialog -12 Quests -9 Hand-painted scenes Instructions Click to navigate, drag items to combine
(Played: 3,354)
The Lone Survivor
The Lone Survivor Go through numerous level killing phases of increasingly hard to kill, scary zombies.
(Played: 2,649)
The Serum Aftermath
The Serum Aftermath
The Serum Aftermath Rapped in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, you are low on gas but fully armed and ready to bring on the destruction! Get out of the trap of a zombie apocalypse and gather a lot of oil and ignite huge pile of wood so that the rescue helicopter will be able to locate you and save you. Will you survive? Packed with a custom map generator, you will never want to stop the zombie killings! Instructions Aim and Shoot: Mouse. Walk: A, D. Jump: W. Action: Space. Unleash Serum: E. Use Health: H. Change Weapon: Q. Reload: R. Pause: P.
(Played: 3,479)
The Survivor
The Survivor
The Survivor You are alone. You have not seen another living entity for many days now. But what you often see are some beings not so living or human. And now they are coming to get you in greater numbers than before! With only a shovel in your hands, defend yourself Survivor! You seem tasty for them. Take your shovel and smash some undead and mutant skulls! Move your cursor above each creature and thrust with Left Mouse Button! But beware.These fierce creatures can hit you with their claws pretty hard if you hesitate to kill them! Their horde is vast and as long you survive they appear more frequently! Do your best Survivor!
(Played: 2,472)
The Undead Survival Test
The Undead Survival Test
The Undead Survival Test Will you survive a zombie apocalypse? Take the undead survival test consisting of mini games questions etc and assess your survival chances. The party you attend at the end depends on your score. Instructions: Controls: Mouse point and click. You can use the optional right click to turn off sounds.
(Played: 2,547)
Top Chef
Top Chef You should feed your demons and there is no better way to satisfy a demons hunger than to feed him with nice juicy celebrities. You are a hell Top Chef, cook the meals demanded by the demons and serve them before they get mad. Note: Click the hunger demon and then click on the method of cooking. Once proper food is cooked click on it and click on the demon who ordered the food to serve it .
(Played: 3,367)