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Zombies Last Stand
Zombies Last Stand In this fun shooter game, your mission is to protect yourself from the giant hoard of zombies approaching. You are at first only armed with a mere pistol. So, survive for as long as you can to collect enough points to upgrade your weapon. How long can you last?
(Played: 1,719)
Zombies Mice Annihilation
Zombies Mice Annihilation Your task in this extreme shooting game is to join Doctor Evilcat on his very important mice eating mission.
(Played: 2,253)
Zombies Online
Zombies Online Zombies Online! This is a major overhaul to the game, continuing the story that have been building up about the test facility that blew up on the secret island, the virus that has been spreading to the Dawnbreak island and now finally has spread all over the place. Beware of the new inhabitants of the city, as they are meaner and more aggressive than any of the mobs you have encountered before. This update comes with updates to skills and crafting, fixes, massive amount of new content, new sounds etc. but one thing I wanted to point out is that we now have add-ons for melee weapons, and special bullets for the rang...
(Played: 1,374)
Zombies vs Penguins
Zombies vs Penguins Shoot and bounce the bullets to kill the more zombies in this zombie shooting game. Get bonus points for headshots. You need to kill all of them to proceed to the next level. Aim carefully as you have limited amount of bullets in each level. You can also hit sushi rolls to pump your score.
(Played: 2,381)
Zomblower Throw grenades at zombies and blow up all zombies in each level. But be careful, you must save all survivors, do not kill them or prevent zombies from eating them. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw grenade. The power meter indicates how strong your throw will be. The longer it is the further the grenade will fly. You have to wait between throws, but you can decrease this delay by buying upgrades or gaining perks. Have fun!
(Played: 2,343)
Zombocalypse Fight off the hordes of zombies in this action shooting arcade game. This is the year 2012, the world has gone to chaos and undead roam the streets hungry for blood. Cut them, shoot them, slay them all as you gain xp and unlock new weapons and achievements. Call in support when things get really bad!
(Played: 2,971)
Zombus In a one more zombie killing game your goal as a player is to escape a city filled with zombies while rescuing other survivors. Take the school bus and drive through the city and run over zombies and shooting them down with your deadly weapons. Each mission will reward you with a new type of weapon or feature upgrade. Drive to safe zones to upgrade your bus with new weapons, heavy bumpers and hardware. Instructions: Use arrow keys or maybe W, A, S, D to control your bus. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Enjoy killing some zombies!
(Played: 3,047)
Zommerang Defeat waves of attacking zombies with your boomerang in Zommerang game. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw a line where the boomerang will go, collect coins and purchase upgrades. Have fun!
(Played: 2,221)