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Silent Sanatorium
Silent Sanatorium Dark scary point and click game. You awoke to find yourself in the silent sanatorium. You have no idea how you ended up here. You are surrounded by a dark energy, collect orbs and explore this place in search for a way to escape!
(Played: 11,436)
Skull Island
Skull Island Point-click escape adventure game with a world famous private investigator Frank Spectre trying hard to rescue the professor, while avoid being eaten by the super hungry cannibals. Lady Olivia Hummingway has hired you to find her famous father, professor Hummingway, who has gone missing after his plane crashed. She believes he may be held captive on Skull Island, home to a tribe of bloodthirsty cannibals.
(Played: 4,832)
Symon Symon is a point and click adventure game that tells the story of a paralyzed hospital patient. The only thing he can do is to sleep and dream, which leads him to a place with bits and pieces of his memories and populated with unusual characters. Through out the dreamscape, where he explore and tries to reconcile his troubled past. Each dream world is populated with characters and objects that represent the player characters broken past. Each time he returns to the dream state, the puzzles are different, so every play through is different. While most traditional adventure game puzzles are hard coded, Symon aims to bring a ...
(Played: 2,563)
Synapsis 2
Synapsis 2
Synapsis 2 Part 2 of the mind bending adventure game, David Carter is again trapped in a series of bizarre rooms which he will need to find some way of escape from. Controls Point and click to solve the puzzles.
(Played: 4,437)
TeraLuminas Haunted Halloween Escape
TeraLuminas Haunted Halloween Escape
TeraLuminas Haunted Halloween Escape Tera Luminas Haunted Halloween Escape is another point and click room escape game by Tera Lumina. On a scary Halloween night, you're trapped in a frightening room. Can you escape this room of horrors and keep your wits about you? Find and use various items and solve puzzles in order to find a way out. Find the bats scattered around for a higher score. Game progress is automatically saved. Good luck and have fun!
(Played: 8,537)
The  Dawn 2
The Dawn 2
The Dawn 2 This is an interesting and beautifully drawn sequel to The Dawn. It is your mission to get past the monsters that are trying to destroy you. You are also faced by choices along the way. You can save the characters you come in contacct with or leave them to perish. What will you do? If you get stuck, try backtracking and exploring everything. This game is very cryptic and dark.
(Played: 3,234)
The 19th Hospital
The 19th Hospital The 19th Hospital Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Game2p. Having just narrowly escaped death previously, youre again in mortal danger . You find yourself alone in an abandoned hospital covered with the stench of death? Youre trapped inside, and waiting for the doctors to come along isn't an option. You need to escape. Good luck and have fun! This game is not suitable for children!
(Played: 13,381)
The Fog Fall
The Fog Fall Suspicious individual down into your basement. The Fog Fall game will haunt your dreams and challenges your imagination .
(Played: 4,440)
The Fog Fall 2
The Fog Fall 2 After escaping from the shelter in the previous game fog Fall 1, The Fog Fall 2 begins right where you left off, standing victorious on the grassy ground above. Apocalyptic war zones are never a place to hang around and celebrate, however, and so your quest continues with a broken-down truck, a few well dressed soldiers, and some mutants hiding in the fields. Item and inventory puzzles are the name of the game in The Fog Fall 2, so prepare to click every corner and examine every object you see. Items you collect are stored at the bottom of the screen, and to use them simply click on an item followed by the area you wis...
(Played: 3,021)
The Fog Fall 3
The Fog Fall 3 New horror thriller game with dark content.Try to escape using this new truck and leave this haves as soon as possible. Instructions: Point and click with your mouse.
(Played: 4,564)
The Grudge 2
The Grudge 2 The Grudge 2 Game Escape the cursed Room is sequel of a great room escape game made by Sony Pictures to promote their new low budget horror film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. Search everywhere to solve the mystery. This game is not suitable for young players. If you like The Grudge Do You Have A Grudge? be sure to play this one to.
(Played: 9,496)
The Holes
The Holes Try this new aspect of playing room escape games, touching with your fingers you could find the holes to escape the room, but wrong instinct will lead to more bloody scenario with loosing them.
(Played: 3,648)
The House
The House Escape for your own personal horror , leave the house of fear and evil.
(Played: 7,635)
The Mold
The Mold Escape horror 3 dimensional. For great scary environment,turn the lights off.
(Played: 8,344)
The Morning After
The Morning After Scary themed game. You wake up with a banging headache and massive hangover, there are beer cans everywhere, and some weird people are hanging about as well.
(Played: 5,058)
The Room game
The Room game Built in 1970 and deserted some time after that, no one has entered the house since the entire family committed suicide due to reasons unknown. Creepy, point click scary adventure .
(Played: 7,617)
The Scene of the Crime
The Scene of the Crime Something really bad happened in an unknown motel room. Collect relevant evidence, find suspects and solve the case by searching around the grisly crime scene.
(Played: 5,098)
The Stone of Anamara
The Stone of Anamara For all you, thrill seekers. The game starts with you running away from a crime scene and you take refuge at a deserted childrens asylum. While exploring around the asylum, you uncover the story behind the asylum doctor and the mysterious illness of his patients. Face supernatural forces, unveil the mysteries hidden in the Mental Asylum for Children and fulfill the destiny of the stone of Anamara. Instructions : You can use your mouse to look around the screen by moving your mouse gently.
(Played: 5,147)
The tin Soldier
The tin Soldier
The tin Soldier The tin Soldier it is a creepy adventure game full of puzzle, inspired from the story of `The tin Soldier.This game has been developed by Alejandro Adrian Iglesias. This is a Creepy point and click game with one footed doll. Playing The tin Soldier is a bit like having a bedtime story read to you by Tim Burton circa Stainboy era. Weird, cool, and just a bit creepy, the game doesn't possess any real violence or scares, but the overall sense of gloom that hangs over toydom might be too upsetting for some younger children. Adults, by turn, might wish the story took a bit more liberties with its source material; despite t...
(Played: 2,326)
Time To Wake Up
Time To Wake Up Your name is Eddie, you wake up and take a look around and read the clues on the screen to solve the mystery and escape from this creepy, weird room. firs of all, you should light the room and later spend a little time finding the perfect clues to solve this fun, but scary escape game.
(Played: 6,981)
Top Secret Escape
Top Secret Escape In this game, from 123Bee, you are stuck in a horror filled location. The Secret to get out of this location is inside the house. So get into the house and find out the SECRET to Escape from this place.
(Played: 5,567)
Town of Fears
Town of Fears Enjoy the latest adventure horror rpg game by newgrounds Halloween week .
(Played: 6,378)
Toybox Toybox belongs to great scary room escape games. All begins when young woman or a girl wakes up in an unknown place such as dark, creepy basement with a strong headache. She is clueless how she gets there and chain attached to the collar on her neck augurs nothing good. They are several endings, and one of them is hidden.
(Played: 11,599)
Unforsaken Several people have disappeared in the last few weeks in the small town you live in. The police havent any leads as to what is happening. Everyone is supposed to stay inside after dark to protect themselves from whatever or whoever is abducting people. You were on your way home from a friends house before dark. You heard what sounded like a gun shot in the field. You started running, you tripped on a stone sticking up out of the ground and bumped your head on the way to the ground. That is the last thing you remember before waking up in this strange dark unforsaken place.
(Played: 6,805)
Violent Hill Sanatorium
Violent Hill Sanatorium New scary escape game from melting mindz flash game production and the story goes like this: on a secret mission in the dark mountains you are so close to reach your final destination , but shark men arrived and changed your plan along with a huge blizzard on the way , please try to stay alive and escape from the Violent Hill Sanatorium.
(Played: 5,343)
Voodoo House Mystery
Voodoo House Mystery Voodoo House Mystery is another scary point and click type room escape game developed by Abroy. Trapped in a scary voodoo house,use your escaping skills and voodoo yourself out of this hideous house before you will become the next victim.
(Played: 10,971)
Zombies Surrounded
Zombies Surrounded Your name is Lance Greenly, you are lucky to still be alive. You wrecked your car somewhere in the outskirts of town, and luckily, a survivor has come to your rescue. Stranded in an abandoned house . There is no explanation of what is happening. The only thing that is clear It is not normal. Will you be able to survive through the night Warning: This game contains some bloody and scary scenes and it is not suitable for children and faint hearted players!
(Played: 5,405)
Zombies The Beginning
Zombies The Beginning Your name is Lance Greenly,As you lying on your couch, watching the television like any other night and everything seems normal until the power goes out, you starting to hear some strange noises form outside or, maybe, the noise come from inside? Quick,you must find a way to protect yourself and get out of the house before it is too late.
(Played: 7,317)