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1066 The game
1066 The game
1066 Defeat the enemies army by killing or scaring off as many of them as possible. According to real military strategy game.
(Played: 4,733)
Alienocalypse Your mission in this cool strategy game is to lead savage horde of rabid aliens and invade the Earth annihilating all the major earth cities. But be aware, the humans will resist. Kill human units to gain evolution points and use them to buy or upgrade your units. Go through multiple levels and use various combinations of units and upgrades to achieve victory. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move.
(Played: 3,941)
Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies
Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies
Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies Your goal in this funny strategy board game is to destroy the oppositions tombstones. You either have to conquer all the Zombies fields or wipe out their graves to win. More territory give you more options for unit deployment but also the more of the graveyard you control, the faster your downed units regenerate. As the campaign progresses you will be introduced to bigger and more powerful unit types.
(Played: 4,138)
Battle Dawn
Battle Dawn
Battle Dawn Battle Dawn is a Free Multiplayer Online Game featuring three types of worlds with thousands of other real players. The game is built entirely in Flash. It's a free mmorpg game that requires no downloads. You begin as the leader of a small colony and through diplomacy, strategy and skill you'll expand your rule over the entire world. Establish your colony, expand your borders, and build up a great army. You will outwit and out-maneuver your enemies and forge long lasting friendships with your allies, the ones that won’t betray you of course
(Played: 5,648)
Battle Mechs
Battle Mechs
The year is 2199, and the world’s largest entertainment sport is ‘Mech Wars’. You are a new mech pilot, looking to etch your name in the record books. Don’t be shy! Strap on your nano-suit, and get in the cockpit!
(Played: 3,970)
BattleDawn Galaxies
BattleDawn Galaxies
BattleDawn Galaxies Battledawn Galaxies places you as the leader of a small space station. Through careful planning, military and diplomatic skill, as well as exploration and expansion, the galaxy can be yours for the taking. The game is entirely browser based, utilizing Flash. No downloads are required to jump in and build your fleet to be the best.
(Played: 5,755)
Curse Village
Curse Village
Curse Village Blood-thirsty zombies invaded your small and peaceful village. In a brave attempt to save your village you are fighting back to keep the undead behind the village walls. Save your village from zombies or become one of them!
(Played: 4,510)
Doors of Fear
Doors of Fear
Doors of Fear Open the doors and make a terrible match! Doors for fear scare you!
(Played: 5,572)
Epic Quest
Epic Quest Intriguing RPG game and the main goal is to earn EXP points, buy necessary upgrades and build over your party of warriors to defeat all evil in this land of Alteria. The land has turned into a living Hades on earth, under the tyranny of Argus, the Lord of Darkness. Severnius and you are the Kingdoms only hope to make it though the time of so evil.
(Played: 4,743)
Fear for Sale
Fear for Sale: The Mystery of McInroy Manor Collector's Edition Emma Roberts has been tasked with writing a story about an old haunted manor for Fear for Sale Magazine. The estate has been locked up for years, but a sizable donation from Emmas editor has opened up the home for exploration. Unravel the tale of the demise of the McInroy family, and set their souls free in Fear for Sale Mystery of McInroy Manor, a dark and mysterious hidden object puzzle adventure game.
(Played: 5,609)
Fombies is defense game about protecting your donut stand from attacking zombies. Shoot the incoming zombie pets with different weapons. Collect the money to buy new upgrades and weapons. Each level has different numbers of zombies to kill before you can progress to the next level. Instructions: Use mouse to aim and click left mouse button to shoot.
(Played: 9,874)
Hands of War
Hands of War This is the land divided by civil and main factions struggle for power over your allies. Decide who you will aid and who you will make your enemy choose from 3 classes and battle over 60 different monsters. Help notes: arrow keys or W, A, S, D to move. Use mouse to attack and manage your inventory. Good luck!
(Played: 6,507)
Heaven or Hell RTS
Heaven or Hell RTS Our mission in this semi-turn-based action strategy game is to Fight Mr. Demon, or join his ranks in this strategy game. At the beginning you have to choose to play as Heaven and challenge evil monsters, use magic and collect keys on your way to Hell. Manage and move your team of angels around as you fight off your hellish enemies.
(Played: 5,370)
Knightfall Maneuver your here around the board and vanquish enemies by coming down on them from above with your drill, earning you experience and gold.
(Played: 3,076)
Madness Retaliation
Madness Retaliation
Madness Retaliation Commanding a team of 4 specialists infiltrating an AAHW cloning facility . You should retrieve vials of DNA that the Auditor is using to create stronger agents. You must shoot and stab your way through masses of ever improving enemies. Collect weapons, armor, and items to upgrade your soldiers to help you reach the Auditors tower and complete your mission. Instructions: Moving your mouse over a door or elevator and clicking to move to the next room. Clicking on an enemy to attack it with equipped weapon . Double click a unit to go to equip menu.
(Played: 6,895)
Miasma Story
Miasma Story
Miasma Story This is a cool and fun role playing fighting turn based game. Your friend, Captain Beef, has entered a scary castle. You and your friends enter to find that he is killed. Your mission is to roam the castle and defeat all of the enemies that you face. What is in store for you at the end of your journey? Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to make selections. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around the camera. Have fun and good luck!
(Played: 5,037)
Monster Slayers
Monster Slayers Lead your knights on a quest to exterminate all the monsters in the land. Instructions: Use mouse to control your actions by clicking on the command buttons at the bottom of the game screen. Often you will encounter enemies who fight back, use defend command to order your melee units to shield your archers. Mouse over the items on the screen to pick them up .
(Played: 4,271)
Mothership Warfare
Mothership Warfare This is a war game and you should destroy the enemy mothership by changing the force balance. Do not let the enemy units to get to your ship, instead you have to get your units to the enemy ship. Instructions:Use up and downarrow keys to change the current hatch road. Use left and right arrow keys to select current unit. Press spacebarin order to send the unit. Every minute the Storm Attack is prepared and 5 units of a selected type go from all the hatches.
(Played: 3,902)
Nosferatu Beckoning
Nosferatu Beckoning A text-based RPG in which, instead of throwing dice to determine option sets and outcomes of events, you draw cards from the tarot.
(Played: 5,213)
Pirates of the Undead Sea
Pirates of the Undead Sea
Pirates of the Undead Sea You are an undead pirate whos ship has sunk 15 years ago. It is time to get off your lazy butt and do something with your undead self! Even your pet fish thinks so! This is a highly addictive point and click puzzle game, so get your boots and get going! Use YOUR MOUSE to click on objects and collect them. Click on items from your chest at the bottom to use them in the game. Have fun!
(Played: 4,616)
Rebuild This is cool zombie strategy game about struggle to survive huge apocalypse and big efforts to rebuild the city. Find a perfect balance acquiring food, expanding your base, killing zombies and keeping your people happy. The best strategy tip is to reclaim one square at a time and put your survivors to work scavenging for food, building houses, rediscovering technology and of course killing zombies. Beware of rival gangs, wild dogs, food thieves and even riots as you manage a city. Be the first one who will win on Nightmare difficulty! Instructions: Use your mouse.
(Played: 7,650)
Reincarnations Chapter 1
Reincarnations Chapter Once Jane, promising professional copywriter, got a brilliant opportunity to write an new theme article for famous paranormal activity magazine. Her task is to find a hypnotist who has power to send her to the subconsciousness. Start the way to past lives, explore incredibly refined interactive hidden object levels and solve perplexing puzzles.
(Played: 7,433)
Reincarnations Chapter 2
Reincarnations Chapter 2 Mr Harzle is helluva power eccentric hypnotist, powerful enough to send Jane to her past lives and past reincarnations. Finding of hidden mysteries and riddles, you are helping Jane has to solve not only this big hidden puzzle in his house, but to become closer to her own reincarnation experience. Instructions: point and click with your mouse.
(Played: 4,119)
Super Mechs
Super Mechs
Super Mechs Join the ULTIMATE battle for domination! Design your mech and fight in the arena of GLORY Play FOR FREE in the most addicting & interactive action strategy MMO!
(Played: 6,453)
Teelonians the Clan Wars
Teelonians the Clan Wars Your mission in this Plants Vs Zombies type strategy war game is to command your army and defend your kingdom against the Teutrons. To stop the enemies from breaching your defenses place your warriors upfront to defend your markets that generate gold. If you win the battle, you will get research point that can be used to recruit new powerful unit. At the beginning you have to defend only 1 row, more rows will be unlocked later. Instructions: Use mouse to pick up and place warriors on the battle field in appropriate position. Good luck!
(Played: 4,119)
The Great Massacre
The Great Massacre Strategy massive hack slay game. Guide your fellow Greg ,an immortal hero and fight your way through hordes of enemies trying to get your skills back. Notes: Use left and right arrows to move around. Press S-key to punch your enemies. Press D-key to chop enemy heads. Hold A-key to guard or run.
(Played: 4,154)
Zombies City of The Dead
Zombies City of the Dead is a strategy-defense hybrid where you have to build and a small military unit to defend against the attacking zombies! Just upgrade your troops as you gain more money.
(Played: 9,728)