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Circle scary maze
Circle Circle is a mid scary maze game where using your arrow keys you run and jump your way through spinning circular platforms to reach each level while avoiding the enemy.
(Played: 12,604)
Darkness 2
Darkness 2 In this dark theme music game you are stuck in a nightmarish place. Darkness is everywhere and you do not know where to go. Use paint to uncover your path to the exit of the levels, while avoiding treats. Use W, A, S, D or arrows to move around. Use mouse to aim and shoot your paint balls. Good luck!
(Played: 6,445)
Escape From Balmoral 3D
Escape From Balmoral 3D
Escape From Balmoral 3D Maze game starring her majesty the Queen. OK, so suppose you are a fan of violent 3D maze games but you also kind of dig the British Royal family. Well life is been pretty tough for you so far, right dude? Yeah sure, you could get lucky and download some awesome action game but whoah, wait up, where is the Queen in there, my friend?
(Played: 9,254)
Gemini Watch out, you will be burned in a second, just use your skill and try to be oriented in a scary stucked place like this one. Instructions: Navigate your mouse to look around; click for action.
(Played: 5,813)
Laser Survivor 2
Laser Survivor 2 Laser Survivor 2 is a scary maze game where your tiny red ball must get to the goal without hitting any lasers! Instructions: Use your arrow keys to move.
(Played: 11,009)
Majka The Nymph
Majka The Nymph
Majka The Nymph Hidden object and maze game with mysterious darkish atmosphere with love story background.
(Played: 7,345)
Maze of Shadow
Maze of Shadow
Maze of Shadow It's a dark, cold, scary place and all you can hear is your heart beat, try to avoid stress and get out of there, i thin the main point of the game is to prank you as hell .How to play? Just move with your mouse and try to find a way out of the maze of shadow and fear.
(Played: 5,622)
Play scary maze
Play scary maze Here goes yet another scary maze game with a red dot in charge.
(Played: 15,458)
Scary Bubble Wrap
Scary Bubble Wrap Scary Bubble Wrap Game should be for those looking for a relaxing bubble popping experience, a little bit fun, but more boring. But it isnt. This seemingly innocent bubble popping game will scare the crap out of you.Give at a try! BUBBLE WRAP® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation (US).
(Played: 36,769)
Scary Maze 5
Scary Maze 5
Scary Maze 5 Yet more scary maze fun, to scare yourself or friends with!
(Played: 31,935)
Scary Maze Game
Scary Maze Game Guide the dot through the scary maze to the red square without hitting the walls. It starts to get interesting around the fourth level.
(Played: 17,115)
Scary Maze Game 2
Scary Maze Game 2 Scary Maze Game 2 Japanese Version
(Played: 11,066)
Scary Maze Game 3
Scary Maze Game 3 Scary Game.Try this mouse avoider maze game. This might make you jump.
(Played: 16,361)
Scary Maze game DX
Scary Maze game DX Can you get through four levels without touching the walls? New DX version includes time attack leaderboards!
(Played: 14,848)
Scary Maze game Gold
Scary Maze game Gold This time, golden yellow is the color of fear, if you just touch the edges you will be in scary mood in this scary maze game.
(Played: 23,797)
Shakey McGee
Shakey McGee
Shakey McGee Try this game of skill, scary maze 4 with shakey macgee. How steady are your nerves. Needle threading challenge.
(Played: 8,720)
Wraith In a dungeon and maze environment you are killing ghosts and other nasty creatures from the dark side. And it gets pretty tough. Instructions: Arrow keys to move around; A and S keys to strike at creatures.
(Played: 6,239)