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A Scary Tale
A Scary Tale
A Scary Tale The idea for this super scary violence T rated cartoon came from an actual incident, almost as disgusting as that portrayed here. The young artist Matzerath user from newgrounds game portal girlfriend was the original artist for the final, horrifying image within. Enjoy this scary tale, turning your load speakers very on.
(Played: 7,444)
An Unfortunate Girl ONE
An Unfortunate Girl ONE
An Unfortunate Girl ONE This is an introduction to the story and life of Karissa Ventourner, a young girl who has suffered greatly. She lives in a town where it almost always rains and is constantly stalked by giant worms, or at least that's what the others call them.
(Played: 5,555)
BYE BYE, the ultimate death collection. 60 gruesome executions suggested by users like you! To all sadistic and gore hungry viewers, this is for you.
(Played: 6,090)
Dark Edition horror
Dark Edition horror
Dark Edition horror In this really funny and scary story edition you will be witnessing series of incidents that the protagonist relived over active mind interpreted as a deadly encounter. Watch this weird video and find out the truth also recommend watching this at night with ear headphones.
(Played: 3,932)
Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood
Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood
Official site for Universal Studios Hollywoods Halloween Horror Nights 2011, the most terrifying Halloween event in Los Angeles and Southern California
(Played: 7,755)
Hipsterween Some idiot kids decide to throw a get together in a supposedly derelict house. Boy are they in for a surprise.
(Played: 4,066)
Karissa Sleeps
Karissa Sleeps
Karissa Sleeps quick psychological trip through Karissa Ventourner's distorted mind. A scene directly form the upcoming episode of An Unfortunate Girl.
(Played: 4,164)
LSD DMT After days and nights and hours of exploding nerves, sweat drops causing blooded eyes and .Our protagonist happens to be on the highest point of his LSD trip and took some DMT right there for the people that complained LSD alone couldnt make you horror that hard who the fuck cares about the substance anyways, so follow his trip as it goes in a strange direction the moment he gets up to make himself some toast. Incase you think you dont understand this movie, youre wrong. Turn off the lights, pull the speakers and bass a bit up or put your headphones on, relax and let it flow into you for the next 2 minutes. Alot of love, hat...
(Played: 6,539)
Non silent horror Ants
Non silent horror Ants Dead silence of the original, everyone likes ants! Do the ants in the pants dance? Enjoy a great short scary animation movie about Empire of a brain eating killer ants.
(Played: 4,842)
Potential Horror Movie
Potential Horror Movie
Potential Horror Movie This is entry for an amateur horror movie contest. It pokes fun at the idea that in a lot of slasher flicks, one long plot full of gruesome deaths can be easily solved if the potential victim simply has a gun!
(Played: 5,705)
Purged Watch a short animation story about sad men purged from all good in this twisted world.
(Played: 3,423)
Sanitarium Interesting dark zombie fighting movie with stick figures.
(Played: 4,705)
Scary Moments
Scary Moments Compilation of weird scary clips where people are scared to death.
(Played: 6,302)
Scary Scarecrow
Scary Scarecrow A killer scarecrow stalks a little boy.
(Played: 4,938)
Silent Night horror
Silent Night horror Silent Night is based on a true story told by a friend a few years back.
(Played: 7,615)
Spooky Scary Skeletons
Spooky Scary Skeletons The head bones connected to the pelvic bone. The pelvic bones connected to the shoulder bone. The shoulder bones connected to the thumb bone. Boy what a freak.
(Played: 6,299)
Subway Edition horror
Subway Edition horror
This is my latest work in 2011. Based on a true story. newspaper article requesting a witness to come forward. The witness was never found.
(Played: 8,580)
The ladys room
The ladys room Flash scary video, inspired by Silent Hill, Evil dead 2, Japanese horror, as well as many odd and twisted freaked ideas. Enjoy this fantastic flash scary movie.
(Played: 6,204)
Wilhelm Park
Wilhelm Park Is this a horror or a love story?Love, marriage, or a baby coming.In a manner of hentai style find that creature and kill it with fire.
(Played: 7,261)