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A Crow In Hell
A Crow In Hell Hell the innocent bird ,scary looking crow escape from the underworld, true hell on earth.
(Played: 10,396)
Bloody Machine
Bloody Machine Catch blood and guts dropping from the bloody blade, but avoid the bones ! Click and scrape UP to wipe off. Get the drops from underneath (otherwise it doesn't clean ; ask your girlfriend.) Read safety notice first. Keep first aid kit at hand. Wear gloves. Featuring : * In-game tutorial : 10 first levels introducing new elements. 8 squeegee sizes, 4 bonuses and 4 penalties randomly spicing up the game. (Plus super-bonus Waterbomb for emergencies at higher levels) * Difficulty setting menu. * Random fast blood drips (from level 4 on) * Online scores * Achievements * Creepy sound effects, shivers,...
(Played: 10,528)
Dark Cut 3
Dark Cut 3 As an only surviving member of your race and you travel in time to operate and save the right people to revive your family tree by operating on family members from the past.
(Played: 9,208)
Dead Frontier Night 3
Dead Frontier Night 3 The Undead Hoards trying to block your way to the escape helicopter, but nothing can stop your endless stream of bullets or your relentless barrage of puns!Instructions: W, A, S,D or arrow keys to move,mouse to aim and fire, 1 to 6 numeric keys to select weapons , Spacebar to cycle , weapons R to reload P to pause.
(Played: 5,923)
Ectology Dr. Mia Flatcher provided evidence to the world - evidence that of a new life form was found here on Earth. Now, the University starting a big program for further development of the Ectology science. Capture ectomorphs so they can be studied.
(Played: 4,978)
Khronos Your are a knife wielding maniac and you fight against evil with this mighty warrior called Khronos.enjoy this brutal game battle against undead foes in hell.
(Played: 4,884)
Lilium Lilium, a young girl is haunted by shadows, contains disturbing scenes , violent and gore.
(Played: 5,371)
Shutter Escape The Darkroom
Shutter Escape The Darkroom Can you escape the dark room? Please expect the unexpected, be careful not to pee your pants from being scared.Instructions: Point and click with your mouse.
(Played: 9,976)
5 Mins to Kill Yourself
5 Mins to Kill Yourself
5 Mins to Kill Yourself 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself is one great freaking game with suicidal tendencies. Another boring meeting sends you nuts in the office, so you decide to try to kill .Yourself.
(Played: 11,890)
A Crow in Hell 2
A Crow in Hell 2
A Crow in Hell 2 Once again the crow is stuck in hell and terribly needs your unselfish help. Avoid traps and winding tunnels, while showing the right way to escape from underworld. Collect keys, unlock exciting new bonus challenges.
(Played: 5,376)
Arcane Season 1 Episode 1
Arcane Season 1 Episode 1
Arcane Season 1 The Miller Estate Episode 1 Arcane Season 1 - The Miller Estate Episode 1 is the first episode of Arcane Miller Estate point and click adventure games created by Sarbakan. Scary, fun and very enjoyable game. Wrong steps will grow the fear. Good luck and have fun! Click on the cellar doors close to the left path. Click on the matches on your inventory. Prescott will light a match. Click on the lantern on the floor on the left side of the trunk. This will let you see more in the room. Click on the yellow raincoat. It will fall to reveal a hook. Click on the hook to take it. Go out of the cellar and go to the well. ...
(Played: 5,697)
Arise 2
Arise 2
Arise 2 Arise Volume 2 is the second episode of Arise, scary point and click type room escape game from MoFunZone games.
(Played: 6,244)
Arise 3
Arise 3
Arise 3 is the third episode of Arise, scary room escape game from MoFunZone. You were captured as you went through the woods. Try to get out and escape using tools and clues in this point and click game.
(Played: 3,863)
Arm Surgery 2
Arm Surgery 2
Arm Surgery 2 Race against time to save a life in this virtual ER! Follow the head nurses instructions to operate on the young womans fractured arm. Perform each task quickly and precisely, but pay careful attention to her vital signs you dont want to lose her!
(Played: 14,997)
Ashes 2 Ashes:Zombies
Ashes 2 Ashes:Zombies
Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombies What would happen if brain-eating zombies players replaced the entire Aussie Ashes team? It is the right time to put your batting skills to good use!
(Played: 5,921)
Ask the dead
Ask the dead
Ask the dead Tonight the is a seance going on, Ouija board call it what you will ask dead people questions.
(Played: 9,428)
Ask the Spirits 2
Ask the Spirits 2
Ask the Spirits 2 ask the spirits your deepest thoughts and spooky questions but be careful not to upset them! Enter your question and click Ask button.
(Played: 10,018)
Asylum 626
Asylum 626
Asylum 626 Asylum626 is sequel of very scary Hotel 626 point and click type adventure game from Doritos and can be played between 6PM and 6AM only. Asylum 626 is still scary and divided into stages where you have goals to meet and puzzles to unravel. You can interact via microphones and webcams to live the experience more realistic and the integration with Facebook and Twitter is a good addition. The scenes are very quickly cut and manage to scare even the toughest players fear Although the game is available to play between the hours of 6PM and 6AM only, you can change your computer clock to let you in immediately Warning: Very int...
(Played: 17,676)
Asylum Zwischenwelten Other Sides
Asylum Zwischenwelten Other Sides
Asylum Zwischenwelten Other SidesSolve the riddles of your own hell. Trust Dr. Verhoeven. This place changes you! Don't be afraid. Survive and escape this horror. Instructions: Open the gate that wakes in darkness opening new nightmares. Find the helmet, spells, signs and mirror. Use it carefully. Use the switches at the gate around it to activate. The gate must be behind you if you to it turns. Closes your eyes to regenerate.
(Played: 6,686)
At Deaths Doors
At Deaths Doors
At Deaths Doors A freaky deaky horror survival for the 21st century. Can YOU make it out alive??
(Played: 4,537)
Binding Of Issac
Binding Of Issac
Binding Of Issac Issac is a scared little boy, hounded by a schizophrenic mother hell bent on offering him to God as sacrifice. On the run, lost in the massive labyrinth of a basement, discover secrets, lost siblings. Instructions: WASD to move Issac. Arrow keys to fire/attack Shift or E to place bomb. Space to pick item PS: The game is not as scary as it is bizarre This is the Demo version.
(Played: 5,972)
Black Out
Black Out Who am I Where am I And more importantly, why are these psychopaths trying to murder me n nIn this interactive horror game, your fate is determined by the choices you make throughout the game Find a way to escape the clutches of the murderers who are hunting you down Experiment and find various endings to earn awards, which will reveal a secret message once all are earned . Game instruction: Click on options when they appear to watch your choices fall into play If you see the border of the screen turn red, click quickly or it ll be too late .
(Played: 14,561)
Blood Run
Blood Run That day was a one wrong day for him, hi get infected from a wrong medicine treatment and now he walk around in circles trying to bite and infect more innocent citizens for short time of 60 seconds. Go and finished your blood run task.
(Played: 7,628)
C4 Hamster Challenge
C4 Hamster Challenge Halloween scary interaction game based on a mini PSP game Death JR. Lead your loyal hamster with the C4 plastic explosives at monsters. Instructions: read game instructions.
(Played: 4,790)
Captain Braidy Game
Captain Braidy Game One more lunatic was brought to our game pleasure.
(Played: 2,890)
Chronicles of the Slayer
Chronicles of the Slayer
Chronicles of the Slayer Dust vamps, battle demons and solve puzzles in an epic Buffy adventure!If you like Buffy I hope you enjoy the game!
(Played: 3,506)
ClickDEATH 1
ClickDEATH 1
ClickDEATH 1 Play the original addition in the ClickDEATH series! The Box Company is going out of business. Kill all of the stickmen working there without letting them see another die!
(Played: 4,171)
ClickDEATH Haunted House
ClickDEATH Haunted House
ClickDEATH Haunted House Its Halloween night in this creepy Haunted House addition to the ClickDEATH series. Kill all of the stickmen without any of them seeing another death. Make witches fly, mummies rise, and death conquer in this fun point and click puzzle game. Can you figure out the right strategy in the shortest amount of time? Have fun and good luck!
(Played: 4,176)
Corpses of the 3rd Reich
Corpses of the 3rd Reich
Corpses of the 3rd Reich Corpses of the 3rd Reich is a great horror action platform game, with sickening scenery, gore and shocking scary cool sound effects.
(Played: 6,372)
Crow in Hell 3
Crow in Hell 3 The crow is back in hell for the third time and this time he has more enemies, more objects to grab and puzzle to solve in the same stress-intense environment.
(Played: 4,220)
Crypt Keeper
Crypt Keeper Your stuck in a damn graveyard with no idea how to escape from the horror. Can you survive this scary escape game? For how long?
(Played: 10,437)
CubiKill 3
CubiKill 3 Your top favourite psychopath has been released from the asylum and is ready to try to integrate into society once more. Will he be able to fit in, will he be able to keep his composure? Play and see for yourself!
(Played: 5,854)